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The Summer Naked Painting Party

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The Cheetah and Her Spots

Unleashing your inner animal spirit is easy and fun at this semi-annual event on the Lower East Side.


The Summer Naked Painting Party is on Its Way!

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When: Wednesday June 15th 8:00 pm until 1:00 am

Where: The Gallery Bar NYC 120 Orchard Street

How: Coat check will be in the back where EVERYTHING goes including your shoes. you must keep your ticket safe. Coat check will be guarded all night. DO NOT bring valuables to this event.

Drinks: Sponsored open bar from 8pm – 9pm SHARP featured cocktails created by Prometheus Springs!

Cost: $20 at the door cash only.

2nd Skin will be painting some lovely models early on to warm things up: So get there quick for the open bar!

Meanwhile, you can see details of our past appearances here and here.

Return to the Naked Body Painting Party

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Have you ever wanted to become a body painter? Have you ever wanted to transform another person into an image of your own creation? And then, have you ever wondered what sort of connection might be made between the two of you – even if it was just for the night? Well, if you happen to live in New York City there are a couple of opportunities every year when you can fulfill these curious desires of yours!

Sally Golan’s seasonal “Naked Painting Party” at Gallery Bar on the Lower East Side has become a rather notorious legend of risque revelry amongst New York’s savvy nighttime thrill-seekers. Imagine a bustling bar full of young attractive men and women where complete strangers doff their clothes and coat each other with a myriad of rainbow hues and colorful designs in a decidedly Dionysian display of wild abandon. …Sound like a bit too much fun? Well, maybe so, but we’re all adults here, and, honestly, when was the last time you had too much fun anyway?

You may recall the previous time this blog informed you of 2nd Skin’s investigation into this unusual reverie where Matthew added some simple brushed iconography to the multi-colored melee’ of merriment. This time around our painterly duo was invited to be among the featured artists who arrive early to the event in order to paint some lovely volunteer models in the manner of warming things up and breaking some ice before the party truly begins. Sally had asked our two intrepid painters to attend in this capacity when she ran into them at The Gawker’s Silent Rave, and while Laura Lee had to sadly decline on account of being out of town for the required date, Matthew was more than ready and able to give his best solo performance.

Working with Ms. Golan’s theme of Dark Metamorphosis, Mr. Mikas set about his process of chromatic catharsis. Within the hour he had transformed a gathering of three gorgeous gentlewomen into startlingly strange creatures of dark and uncanny beauty, as you can see detailed in the following series of photographs:

The first three steps were airbrushing and stenciling.

And then some glittering applied with the help of the next “victim”…
Of course, that assistance was repaid in kind with some carefully applied craftsmanship.

And finally this fiery-looking she-devil rounded out the terrible trio of transformed temptresses.

But before he was able to pack up and enjoy the party without the encumbrence of his pneumatic gear, a delicate young lass entreated with our amiable artisan to, please, paint her, for she had never been airbrushed before and most sincerely wished to be. Well, far be it from Matthew’s character to deny such an honest and simple desire for experience. So, as the chaotic crowd began to swell and bustle about them, he made do with a quick rainbowed striping across her fine physique and coquettish countenance. And, Voila’ !White Base CoatingThe LipsA Man and His Artwork
There are, certainly, a great number of other photographic captures from the evening available for you to view including those hosted by Rule 4080 and The Village Voice. But – please view them safely outside of your workplace, for the puritanical practices of your office proprietors may not prove to be as pleasantly disposed towards these piquant proceedings as you might be! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Juan Zapata of JPZ Image for letting us use some of his most excellent documentation both here and in our Flickr set.

And, of course, much praise is also due to the amazing hostess herself: Sally Golan!

So it is that we come to the end of another installment of 2nd Skin’s practiced painting procedures. Stay tuned for further developments if you like by joining our virtual network of friends where we’ll be certain to keep you up-to-date with all of our comings and goings! While in the meantime, as coda to this affair, let us take one last look at our craftsman as he begins his own submission to the will of another’s brush.

There was much more colorful activity that followed to be sure, but, we’ll leave you to imagine what those transpirations may have looked like. Sadly, our cameras were absent.

A “Naked” Body Painting Party

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ALSO SEE: Return to the Naked Body Painting Party

When our good friend and frequent co-conspirator in social hi-jinks, the avant-garde event planner,  Adam Aleksander, notified us of an event posting for a “Naked Body Painting Party” to be held at a Lower East Side nightspot, you can well guess that we were quite intrigued. Follow-up research on our part indicated that this provocatively titled event to be held at Orchard Street’s Gallery Bar was organized and promoted by one, Sally Golan and her media event driven concern, “Social Exposure”. Noticing then, as we have come to in recent months, a relative upsurge in the appearance of events boasting the applications of our trade, it was only natural that we should wish to avail ourselves of this slightly scandalous soiree’ and show up in attendance. You should not be surprised to learn that we did not regret our decision in the slightest! 

As you can fairly well gather the scene was one of colorfully chaotic delight. Scores of friendly partiers disrobed and applied copious amounts of paint to each other in joyful abandon. Seldom have we come across such a kaleidoscopic display of intimate revelry amid such good-natured strangers. Our own Matthew Mikas applied his decorative brushwork as best he could within the whirl of the jostling crowd, delighting several guests with painted necklaces, ornamental icons, and symmetrical wing-shapes meant
to flatter the many fine physiques on display.

Here you can see the beautiful hostess herself displaying just such an adornment courtesy of your 2nd Skin.

Have you a regret that you were not in attendance? Well, for what consolation there is to be found in the digital image, you may view further captures from this multi-chromatic melee’ both here and here courtesy of Rule4080. Additionally, should you  find your eyes still hungering for more you may satiate them at this gallery of over 500 enticing images as posted by Nick McGlynn on Random Night Out

Until our next dispatch from the always engaging, always fantastic, world of the painted body as social-art-form-in-action, we bid you a fond farewell in deep appreciation of your time spent following the piquant proceedings of our painterly exploits.