Faire Weather Painting at Central Park’s Gypsy Fest

A Show of Hands

The morning after their ravey escapades at the Gawker Party, 2nd Skin promptly set up shop at Summer Stage in Central Park for The Black Sea Roma Festival, the final installment of New York’s 6th annual Gypsy Fest and also the last of the park’s Summertime series of stage events as well. And so, brushing away the foggy misfirings of whatever it was that the cobwebbed dendrites of their brainscapes had left behind in an attempt to occlude their fine minds, our hard working and happily partying pair of prolific painters arrived quite well, on time, and mostly remarkably refreshed to prepare their booth for a full day of temporary tattoo type vending.

A simple menu of designs was offered, focusing primarily upon iconic elements from the Gypsy culture. For the ladies it was considered that applications of painted headbands and colorful paisley styled pseudo-mehndi patterns would prove to be desirable adornments. And for the men, block prints of tattoo styled imagery depicting the Compass Rose, and the Wagon Wheel (the emblem from the flag of the Romani people), would indeed be quite serviceable designs. In addition there was also an option to receive a fully painted Gypsy-Woman-Head inspired by early 20th century tattoo flash-art wherever one would like (within reason, of course!)
A Painted Lady

After painting each other up as living testaments to their wares, our two proprietors sat back and enjoyed some of the afternoon’s entertainment while they waited for the curious to approach their simple work station. They also happily chatted away with their fine neighbors who’d set up a small screen printing operation next door. Garrison Buxton and Alison Wallis-Buxton, of Ad Hoc Art, the personages in question, had , in addition, most graciously arranged for 2nd Skin’s presence at this event. In fact, here you can see Allison being decorated early on by Laura Lee’s fine brushwork:
Laura Lee Paints Allison

One could not have asked for finer Fall weather and in this outdoor faire-like setting, amidst music from such luminous multi-ethnic ensembles as the wild, twelve-member Roma band Mahala Rai Banda, and Turkish master musician, Selim Sesler, “the Coltrane of the Clarinet”, playing with NY Gypsy All-Stars, the makings of a much-less-nocturnal and far more family-friendly affair than the usual variety of 2nd Skin adventures were set into place.

Here are some of the results:

2nd Skin at Work
Paisley StylingsMatching Hand and OutfitFloral ForearmHappy CustomerThe Compass Rose

So it was that sunlight, fresh air, and lively, exotic music added some much welcomed diversion to the portfolio of our intrepid personal painters as you may find further evidence of by looking here. And, truth be told, the much younger demographic whom they mostly catered to that day gave no small amount of delight in return. -As you may well judge from the hardly restrained amusement that this young lad seems to have provided via his custom painting request:

We Love This Kid!

So, until our next update, we leave you with these words and pictures to look upon and savor, enjoy them fully, for as the Romani say, “Shuk tski khalpe la royasa”.

“Beauty cannot be eaten with a spoon.”


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