Nu-Rave Make-Up for Gawker’s Rooftop Silent Disco

Gawker Rooftop

“I’m thinking of florescent colors with a sort of an Adam Ant meets Tron kind of vibe”, said Richard Blakeley of Gawker Media, as he described what he’d had in mind for the super-design-savvy artisans of 2nd Skin to be inspired by when they painted his guests. It was the first time that Laura Lee and Matthew had been to this conglomerate internet media gossip blog’s newsroom to get a good look at the office’s quite spectacular outdoor rooftop recreational space.

And they both became duly impressed at the interesting scope and amusing “retro-90’s” concept of the party as described to them by their host Richard’s obvious enthusiasm: “We’re going to be throwing a rooftop silent rave party complete with glow-sticks, light-painting, live video-mixed projections and an inflatable dome!”, he exclaimed. “And we’re really excited to have your body-painting be a part of it.”

Well, so were our two painters as they left the building, their heads filled full of brightly colored florescent visions.

After the meeting, which in all due respect, we must tell you was organized for 2nd Skin by their busy and esteemed event planning friend, Mr. Adam Aleksander, who was helping to plan this raved-up escapade, Matthew and Laura Lee began their inscrutable process of research and brainstorming to arrive at the look and feel of what they would try and offer the guests. Seeking some rave-revival inspiration, Matthew researched England’s mediated chimera: The 2007 Nu-Rave scene, finding a half-serious nightclub movement more defined by its fashion than musical content. But there it was: Face painted florescent stripes, a’la Adam Ant, day-glo colors, and angular imagery. Together with this information he and Laura Lee batted back and forth their ideas. Bowie’s Alladin Sane. Diagonal Masks. Lightening Bolts. Circuit Boards. Geometric Shapes. Smiley Faces. Paint Splatters. Animal Prints. Tribal War Paint. A florescent mixture of 70’s glam rock, 80’s new romantic, and early 90’s acid house imagery was concocted. From there it was only a matter of ordering a full palette of electric colors, cutting out some stencils, and then setting up to rock the party!

Which ended up looking something like this:

All Circuits Are Are Responding

Richard from The Gawker
Three Ladies
Matt Looks Crazy
Lightening Strikes
Of course it wouldn’t really have been a true PARTY! unless tried and true 2nd Skin supporters, Fritz and Christina, were invited to spice things up!

Fritz + Christina
Fritz Lends A Hand
Matt and Christina

And it was a special surprise as well to see Matthew’s friend, the beautiful mastermind behind the infamous “Naked Body Painting Party”, Ms. Sally Golan show up as well!

Sally Golan
As the night progressed more people continued to arrive, more body parts were painted and
more fun was had by everyone. As you can plainly tell…
"Everyone Loves it!"
Viola - Lightening Bolt!!
Blow-Drying the Boys

But don’t simply take our word for it! You can read The Gawker’s own report of the undertaking. Or, check out Nicky Digital’s gallery from the evening as well as one from Driven By Boredom if you’d like. And as always, there’s our own specific compilation of the night’s body painting activities stored away at our Flickr account.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, its time for a Smart-Drink…

Rave On People!


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  1. Beautiful body paint, guys. Much love!

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