2nd Skin’s Poetic Summer Update!

Would you like summer? Taste of ours.
Spices? Buy here!
Ill! We have berries, for the parching!
Weary! Furloughs of down!
Perplexed! Estates of violet trouble ne’er looked on!
Captive! We bring reprieve of roses!
Fainting! Flasks of air!
Even for Death, a fairy medicine.
But, which is it, sir?

-Emily Dickinson

With the words of the poetess in mind let us briefly share with you a similar variety of images and adventures to suit all tastes.  

We shall begin with a majestic photo of one of our dearest patrons, the beautiful Ms. Delysia LaChatte, as she appeared before her performance at the Freak Nasty Erotic Poetry event and after we applied our gilded touch.

Stunning! Don’t you agree? Well, our dazzling burlesque darling most certainly thought so, enough in fact to arrange for a photo shoot at the 2nd Skin studio which just happens to share the same building as Matthew’s apartment.

Have a look at the results.

Delysia LaChatte as a vision in black ice graces the apartment’s living room.

While, Ava Va Voom!, poses in golden sultry splendor upon the patio outside the studio.

Intrigued? Why then more photos from this shoot may be viewed here.

A few weeks later while Matthew was out digging for psychedelic jazz records in some far off southern state of the union, Laura Lee, prepared a group of young women for a Fourth of July themed photo shoot at Hall of Fame Studios.
Which, if we have to tell you, was the Jamaica, Queens based production facility of the late great Jam Master Jay.

More photos are on display in this album and there’s even a video!

And what would summer be without some time spent frolicking with frequent 2nd Skin co-conspirators, Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald? – Not so much fun we’d venture. So, in fact, we had to do things twice with them just to make sure that we wouldn’t miss our friends too terribly during their own vacation!

First, Laura Lee made some commemorative “Hi Christina!” print blocks to adorn the attendees at their Grand Gala Fundraiser (as seen here)!

And secondly, not 24 hours after her return from exotic Peru, she joined Mr. Mikas in helping facilitate a dadaist group-effort comic book as it was expertly steered in chaotic splendor by Fritz’s manic charms.

Please have a look at our fine results!

And finally we’ll end our summer’s sonnet with maritime poetic flourish aboard The Lightship Frying Pan. Having been invited by The Poetry Brothel in conjunction with Poets and Writers Magazine to provide simulated sailor tattoos for patrons of their outdoor/shipboard soiree’ your humble painters gladly plied their delicate brushcraft to the delight of the crowd.
As you may look upon here, until we meet again, dear reader…

Here is the ghost Of a summer that lived for us,
Here is a promise Of summer to be.

– William Ernest Henley


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