We bring “Human Printmaking” to Figment!

Through circumstances resulting from years of our individual activity and accumulated networking amongst the New York City arts community we were invited to participate in the yearly phantasmagorical encampment of artistic installations, displays, and performances on Governor’s Island collectively known as “Figment”. This annual 3-day weekend event draws the most amazing collection of creative talents to produce a verdant wonderland of grand amusements, curious spectacles, and multi-colored delights. And its all free!

To make the most of this event the Research and Development team at 2nd Skin Enterprises (expertly lead by Ms. Gulledge) held some top secret think-tank meetings and conducted extensive self experimentation sessions aimed towards the development of a new low-energy/high-yield body painting technique code named: Human Printmaking!

After much careful thought a thematic centered around multicultural bird motifs was enthusiastically agreed upon and Matthew and Laura Lee began carving out their print-blocks.

When the weekend arrived they packed up their impromptu printing supplies paying as much close attention to their own picnic setting comforts as well. It was an early start to a long and fruitful day which, after a pleasant morning ferry ride, transpired something like this:

Hurrah for Figment! Vinyl banners of all sorts welcome artists and visitors to the island. And make sure to get your map to help you navigate the grounds and locate all that’s in store for you.

A-hah! Here we are!

But wait, where are we again?

After some brief confusion over our missing place-marker we set up our shop. Laura Lee lost no time in recruiting her partner to “sleeve her up” with a full sampling of their designs. And a secret wish to look like a Total Bad-Ass was fulfilled.

And what do you know? Matthew was able to see what he might now look like had he operated a tattoo shop back in the ’90’s instead of that vintage clothing store.

This fine portrait by the highly talented Skye Von Der Osten captures the 2nd Skin installation early on in a rare moment of calm. Soon things became so busy that keeping up with changing out 45’s on Matthew’s battery powered turntable became an unfortunately impossible task.

Our first group of the day takes a swan, a celtic dove, and the wise old owl, respectively.
Then a group of young gentlemen bonded with each other over some shared forearm tatts, Matthew’s Aztec inspired design and Laura Lee’s “Peace Dove”.

“I should make a ‘Figment’ stamp, don’t you think,” queried Laura Lee?

“Good idea,” replied Matt.

“I’ll take one,” said this guy!

The Peace Dove and Inuit-styled Raven never looked so good!

A daring neck print of the mexican folk-art inspired Rooster and a cute little Humming bird make this young lady look totally rad. And it inspires a trend in neck tattooing (temporarily, of course). See…

This enthusiastic group of young lasses were our biggest fans of the day. See…

And we thought this gal looked familiar… Oh, it was Ella from The Brooklyn Sanctuary!
We had painted her before at our Valentine’s Day gig.

Our little table continued to attract a steady stream of eager participants through out the day. Have a look at a few more of our satisfied clientele:

And still more, there are several other photos from the day readily viewable right here.

Indeed, it can truly be said that our first participation at Figment and our first public display of Human Printmaking was an absolute unqualified success.


Good thing Matthew brought the (…ahem…) “Lemonade”.


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