To Slay A Drunken Dragon

According to legend, during the Qing Dynasty, the villagers of mainland China were beset with a great plague. They called upon the Buddha to protect them, by parading a large statue of the Exalted One through the village streets. During this procession, a great python (believed to have been sent from heaven) appeared hissing and blocking their way. Just then, a drunken monk is said to have leapt from the crowd and, brandishing a great sword, he cut the python into three pieces, dancing around in glee, before throwing the serpent’s remains into the river.

The river’s waters then turned red and boiling from the blood when suddenly the python re-emerged from the river once again whole, laughing at the crazed monk before flying off into the evening sky. This was assumed to be a sacred omen by the population, since the python was believed to be a holy dragon sent down from heaven itself. After this, the villagers discovered that the weeds growing in the river had accrued certain medicinal values which allowed them to cure the plague.

Believing that they had been saved by a divine dragon, the people then carved a likeness of its image and ever since, at the annual festival when the Buddha is honored by bathing his likeness in the river, they drink wildly and dance with a dragon effigy, finally ending the day with a great and sumptuous dinner.

Such is the mythical background of the Drunken Dragon Festival as it is celebrated at Macao Trading Co. Assembled with production efforts by our good friend and patron, Adam Aleksander, this annual event has provided us with yet another engagement for our colorful talents to be employed.

In pursuit of these ends we painted the dance group House of Dangerkat  with fearsome visages to compliment their grand costumes. Afterwards we then attended to the well regarded burlesque divas, Dame CuchiFrita and Calamity Chang , aiding in their colorful transformations into parading courtesans for the evening.

So, with no further ado, here is the pictorial element of our 2nd Skin narrative for this fine evening’s grand transpirations: 

Matthew looks on in the store-room turned dressing chamber, and whilst Dame Cuchifrita is getting painted off-frame, the night’s production co-ordinator, Grand MaFun (herself, another dazzling burlesque darling) shares an amusing anecdote with Miss Calamity Chang.

Laura Lee paints Miss Cuchifrita!

Well, what do you know? Calamity Chang finds out that getting airbrushed is cool, refreshing AND a lot of fun!

The Dangerkat Duo: First in their make-up.

Then in their costumes!

Our clients are soon to take the stage!

The performers as they are about to enter.

The courtesans lead the procession inside.

The grand ritual slaying has been re-enacted! Let the celebrations begin!

And finally, Laura Lee, Matthew, and Adam, were able join in the night’s drunken revelry, refreshing themselves with specialty cocktails uniquely named after the evening’s performers as their eyes in turn drank in the delicious sight of Ms. Cuchifrita shedding her courtesan’s demeanor and garb for a bit more risque attire and attitude.

Hopefully, in the future, you too may join them as well.

But, until then, this further display of photographs from the evening is but all we have left to offer you at the moment.

Though do not despair! There are many other fantastic happenings which we have yet to tell you about and invite you to.

…  After all, you  ARE  friends with us on Facebook, aren’t you?


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