Making Our Mark Upon Maker’s Mark

Would you be so surprised to learn that Matthew and Laura Lee collaborate on other projects besides body painting… ? Can it be that enhancing the physical charms of others is but one small aspect to the net results of their artistic prowess?

Here then is the tale of theatrical constructions as they were created for The Manhattan Cocktail Classic held in Mid-May at the stately New York City Public Library’s glorious Brant Park branch.

Once again, our story begins at the behest of Mister Adam Aleksander’s Unprecedented Event-Producing Concerns. The task: to create a “Miracle Show” for the pleasure and proliferation of Maker’s Mark brand, the renown purveyors of fine Kentucky Bourbon, as they presented their wares at New York’s premier event for connoisseurs of expertly crafted liquored concoctions: the aforementioned, Manhattan Cocktail Classic. To this end Matthew was asked to create an old-western saloon inspired setting which would serve as the Maker’s Mark vending-booth, complete with a woodgrained bar, weathered wallpaper backdrop, and large hanging signage. This fancifully rustic environment would then provide the perfect milieu for a cavalcade of bartenders, burlesque dancers, stage magicians, and the screening of a special silent film created precisely for the occasion.

It was just the sort of challenge that the dynamic duo known to you as, 2nd Skin, finds to be no great trouble at all!

For you see, our two cunning and cute craftspersons were well known to each other in their daytime trade as “scenic artists” long before the idea of jointly forming a bodily adornment painting project had ever occurred to either of them. Rather, they simply slaved countless hours together in the production of extravagant Christmas Window Displays, Gigantic Casino Restaurant Murals, and other such grandiose constructions, all the while gathering each other’s respect and admiration yet never once dreaming of the tantalizing and exotic adventures that would soon await them! And so, when we fast-forward to our present-day proceedings, and stage, set, or decor production is required by a concerned clientele: 2nd Skin has the unique ability to fulfill those wishes quite readily!

The fruits of Matthew’s carpentry and faux painting can be examined within this gallery, where you will be treated to some sequential process shots that may educate you as to his technique. And once our diligent gentleman-of-the-arts had completed his share of the project, he called upon his gracious companion to apply her steady and swift hand to make the grand signage complete!

Laura Lee in addition to providing lettering for the Maker’s Mark sign also created the handmade menus listing the splendid artisan cocktails being offered at the event. (“The Gold Rush” and the “Battle of New Orleans” for instance.)

And now, without further ado, here are but a few pictures from the opening gala…

Further photographic evidence of this grand display of libation and licentiousness can be found in Adam Aleksander’s own Flickr gallery:

And of course, should you or any of yours, now or at any time in the future, ever find yourselves in need of our refined services for the home, body, or event: Please, we implore, do not hesitate in the slightest to contact us!


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