A Painted Model for Yana Handbags

Even though Matthew was cavorting about somewhere in Florida at the time, 2nd Skin was quite able to provide painterly services for the Yana Handbags Fashion Show last week at the Garment Room in SOHO. In a stalwart solo effort, Laura Lee, was able to add subtle and complimentary colors to one beautiful young model for the debut of Yana Handbag’s 2010 “Muse Collection” about which you may glean much more information and photos by visiting the fashion blog: High Snobette.

With a set designed by Adam Aleksander, event production by Cachee Livingston, and pictures courtesy of Kyle Dean Reinford, we have the makings of yet another fine chapter in the ever-evolving 2nd Skin Saga.

Laura Lee dusted her model in white, overlaid this with gold, and then as the final touch, applied a bright punch-up of juicy orange for added drama.

Rather stunning, don’t you agree?

Before the evening had ended, Mister Reinford caught Laura Lee coming out of the changing room that was her makeshift studio for the occasion and gave us this candid parabolic portrait of our lovely artiste at the completion of her duties:

And further on, musical-maverick Lauren Larken caught our painterly princess carting around the 2nd Skin air compressor (which she affectionately labels as her “Cherry Bomb!”) somewhere deep in Brooklyn later that night!

With the tools of her trade so readily at hand one can only guess as to what ends such mobility further provided her with that evening!


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