Our Copper-Leafed Guinea Pig

We, your fine proprietors, here at 2nd Skin are always looking for new and illustrious methods of body decoration for us to practice upon our lovely models. But before we try these new techniques on our clients, we often find ourselves serving as our own human guinea pigs. Laura Lee recently found herself the subject of her own experimentation: COPPER LEAF ON SKIN!

The lovely Miss Laura Lee applied samples of the copper leaf to her arm, temple, and lips for a variety of testings. Therein she explored different methods of application and manipulation, all the while testing the overall durability, along with it’s attendant methods of removal.

The result? Well: Applying copper leaf requires a VERY delicate hand and a calm mind. It proves itself quite durable once it has set and the look itself is most glamorous and radiant. However, the adhesive required some extensive scrubbing to remove. So. More investigations will have to be made.

But, you should look forward to seeing silver leaf, gold leaf, or copper leaf adorning the skin of some of our models in upcoming events!


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