A Burlesque Dancer’s Audition

What poet has not dreamed of a welcoming golden bosom in which to find both comfort and solace?

Well, we your journeymen body-painters do our best to fulfill what dreams we may as the opportunities present themselves. Let us then tell you of one such recent realization.

The art of burlesque performance is one which hinges upon the presentation of the body and personality as fanciful archetypes. As such, the costuming itself plays an important role in assuring the success of this presentation. And here is where we, as your 2nd Skin, come into play.

We were recently commissioned by our friend, Mia, a.k.a. “Delysia La Chatte”, to embellish her physical charms for an audition at The Box “theater of varieties”. We had met (and decorated!) this lovely young woman (and her charming friend!) several months ago at the Valentine’s Day event, “The Vault of Golden Vapors”, hosted by Gemini and Scorpio, which you may remember our posting here about.
It seems that the golden accenting with which we lovingly highlighted her fine, rich, skin tone was so much to her liking that she remembered our services and requested that we adorn her so once again as she prepared for her audition. We enthusiastically agreed and she met us at our Williamsburg studio an hour before her appointment and (though it may not seem possible!) our judicious application of golden paint and glitter helped to make her even more alluring and radiant.

Well, what do you know?

She got the job!

And we promise we’ll let you know when you can see more of her in person!


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