Laura Lee’s Cr(N)ude Drawing Lessons

Our story begins with 2nd Skin’s illustrious feminine component, Ms. Laura Lee Gulledge, and her hosting of yet another of her fabled figure drawing nights at the always accommodating Hi Christina! art space.

This time, however, the illustrations produced were not to be confined merely to the pages of one’s sketchbook or strewn about on random loose leaf sheaves of paper set about the slow and steady passage of deterioration eventually becoming lost to the ages. Rather, these hand-crafted images would have a far more temporary, if much more highly animated, existence. You see, the portraiture of the bodies themselves would in turn be painted upon the bodies of others, as if to emphasize that, in the attempt of capturing the essence of another, one must first acknowledge the transient nature of all bodies. To give an image of the body life one must be aware of life’s own fleeting quality, the realization of which necessitates such documentation. This is an ancient wisdom well known to our ancestors who first painted upon the living warmth of each other’s skin long before they thought of applying pigments to the cold, inanimate walls of a cave.

With such philosophy in mind then, let us take a look at the night’s proceedings as best we were able to document them:

The evening started out quietly enough looking much like any other figure drawing salon. Laura Lee led her erstwhile students fist through brief exercises in realistic portraiture and comic strip narrative, letting the class warm-up their abilities on paper. However as the lessons moved to encompass the techniques of cubism/abstraction, and dada/surrealism, so to did the conventions of the canvas evolve. To this end, and in honor of Earth Day, host, Fritz Donnelly, declared a conservation of resources as the impetus to move beyond the wasteful usage of paper and apply paint to flesh. And soon he and laura Lee were spreading the Gospel of Body Painting to the audience. With people painting models on models and then these human canvases once again becoming the models themselves, a circular narrative about the cyclical conveyance of reference materials was most elegantly constructed.

It was thus, that 2nd Skin’s primary narrator, Matthew, showed up to not only to lend his support to his valued business partner, but also to participate and document the affair in its relevance to their trade. And so, with no further ado, please have a look at some of our photographic captures from this memorable affair.
Fritz and Christina take the show to the streets.
Everyone lived happily ever after. The event was covered by The NEW YORK TIMES’ “Nocturnalist” column
See Laura Lee’s album


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