A Rooftop Photo Shoot

We couldn’t think of a better way of welcoming the warm weather of Spring than by shedding some cumbersome clothing and putting on a light and lovely coat of paint. And where better a place to perform this colorful activity than upon a sunny Manhattan rooftop for a beautiful Saturday afternoon photo shoot?

Our complete palette was laid out on the patio table as we anticipated our models’ arrivals. Professional product photographer, Robert Feliciano, had graciously invited us to participate in a test shooting on the roof of his East Village residence. As a way of establishing a creative alliance we readily agreed to his proposal and set out to find ourselves some models, who themselves wished to procure some colorful portraiture for their own presentational materials. Adding some refreshments and tea-sandwiches, we had all the makings of a fun and productive afternoon before us.

While we weigh how best to deploy our usage of the various amazing images that Robert had captured on this fine Easter holiday weekend, we though it essential to our promise of keeping you, our highly valued readers, abreast of our latest developments to post some of our own humble and modest candids from this artistic particular session.

So, here, if you will, are but a few “behind-the-scenes” glimpses of our labors:

Our first model had requested us to provide her with a Spring-like “woodland nymph” look. Here you can see Laura Lee blowing the kiss of glitter to our lovely canvas. A sparkling golden-green surface then became the background for the deft brushwork of Miss Gulledge’s fine Art Nouveau inspired vinework:

Secondly, a display of Gustave Klimpt inspired patterning was the motif of a stenciled design pattern that was applied over a golden base painting and then embellished with brushwork upon our next model.

Our third lovely participant’s fine physique was psychedelicly enhanced with highlights and shadowings of florescent colors with a palette inspired by works of Maxfield Parrish.

And finally a stenciled design was layered upon Laura Lee’s magenta hued skin, which was only slightly more vibrant than her own sun-burned flesh by the end of this busy afternoon. Though please note that our seriousness as portrayed in this photo is by no means indicative of any greater gravity than Matthew’s own embarrassment at his paint blackened lower lip and Laura Lee’s thoughts of her conspicuous subway ride home…

In conclusion, dear reader, as we leave you to enjoy the kindness of this most welcomed Spring weather, we will hold you in our minds with a promise to continue to keep you updated with our concerns. And, in that regard, you may count on further images from this day to appear quite soon!


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