2nd Skin says, “Hi Christina!”

On Friday night 2nd Skin fulfilled a number of women’s most hidden and curious desires, giving them what it appears they had always wanted:


Here you can see the beautiful hostess, gallery owner, and clothing designer, herself, Christina Ewald, applying such decorative facial hair stylings to our own Miss Laura Lee.

Surely Christina’s comical expression belies her own satisfaction, as it was at her and her good and talented partner, the film-maker and performance artist par-excellence, Mr. Fritz Donnelly’s invitation that we were asked to provide our services at the grand opening event of their new Lower East Side gallery space, the semi-eponymous, “Hi Christina!”

It is a return to the neighborhood which gave birth to the duo’s most uncommon and engaging interactive salon after their year-long tenure in Williamsburg. And a most welcomed return it is indeed! If you have not had the distinct pleasure of being welcomed and involved, enticed and entertained, by the spectacularly situational scenarios that this discreetly amazing couple provide, please do not simply take our word regarding their excellence – or even that of Time Out New York – attend one of their distinctive and highly uncommon events for yourselves!

As it occurred for our own attendance, a three-act soap opera was performed and conducted to involve all who arrived in a free-wheeling narrative involving the cure-for-all-diseases, a self-centered heiress, an unscrupulous producer, and a strange transformation into a dog! How did the talents, tools and tactics of our own unique trade add to this inventive melange, you ask? Well…

Please have a look then at some examples of how we fulfilled our role as the fanciful make-up department available for all involved:

There are even more looks and liaisons than these depicted here awaiting your leisurely perusal in a set of photographs located at a readily available internet-based image storage facility. Please give them your attentions as you would so desire.

We will also ask that you continue to follow this, our quaint electronic journal, as we introduce you further to our many splendid friends, collaborators and co-conspirators in artistic productions of the most interactive and collaborative synergy.


hi christina opening 7

Or, in translation: “Hugs and kisses!” 2nd Skin.


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