A Visit to the Wonderland Ball

Even at our own leisure there are times when our craft and trade are plied for personal pleasure. To compliment her attire and attitude, our fine and good lady, Laura Lee, called upon the vast reserves of talent and materials that 2nd Skin has on hand for her own embellishment in attending a most fantastic Wonderland Ball, as presented by Dances of Vice at Brooklyn’s highly regarded venue of Galapagos. It was there that she engaged in the showing off of some of our fine handiwork to the fanciful set of patrons who in their own good regard do as much to distinguish themselves in costumed array.

At the Williamsburg studios of 2nd Skin, a most concillatory Matthew painted not only his business partner, but her enchanting female companion as well, in preparation for the night’s ball. Laura Lee’s golden and glittered look was Gryphon inspired, complete with birdcage perched amidst her towering hair. Her escort, the chanteuse, songbird, and woman of mystery, Miss Juliet Trail, was for her own part in this outing, playing the role of the storied Red Queen.
(Though to dispel some mystery or perhaps create more intrigue, please make yourselves aware of this Juliet’s musical Trip-Rock project: Phoenix Noir.)

Here it can be seen that dear Juliet’s radiant complexion is most easily subdued to the haunting pallor of newly fallen snow by Matthew’s discriminate dusting.

And she was even enlisted in a most prosaic process of glitter application, her full lips ever so delicately pursed as her gentle breath helped propel the sparkling particles towards their pleasant landing upon a most lovely resting place.  It would seem that Laura Lee was quite pleased by this elegant lady’s most adept practice!

Although other engagements for the evening pressed upon him, Matthew found the time to pose with these two statuesque scarlet-haired beauties for a photogaphic portrait in memorial, while yet another fanciful statue seemed to overlook the trio most approvingly.

And now, we must leave you for the moment, sharing one final glimpse of the two ladies as they set out to enjoy their evening adventures, beginning with a most appropriate stop at the aptly entitled Williamsburg dining hall, The Rabbithole. We will leave it up to your own imaginations as to what manner of intriguing events transpired thereafter…

Though, you may find some clues as to who they may have met, and what manner of occurences they shared in, by viewing some candid photographs taken that evening by the masterful Mr. Steven Rosen.


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