Love from the New York Times

Do you recall the Gemini & Scorpio event where we painted on Valentine’s day?  Well, the creation of a party of this type is apparently such an aspect of the vanguard in event happenings, that none other that the “Old Grey Lady” of newspaper journalism, the venerable, New York Times, saw fit to take notice of and document the specifics regarding its creation.

And, imagine our pleasure and surprise upon finding these photographs of us, such as the one above, helping to prepare the set, along with a most sardonic quip from our dear, Laura Lee, within the text of the article!

“Early in the evening, Laura Lee Gulledge, a body painter, observed over her shoulder that “glitter is the herpes of the craft world,” as she blew red glitter on the arm of Naomi Ruth, 30, a poet who had moved into the space two weeks earlier…”

To see the rest of the images in the slideshow click here, and then here is where you can read the full NYT article.

America’s most prestigious daily newspaper and official periodical of record has noted us as “body painters”! We are most glad of this validation and acknowledgement.


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