Williamsburg Fashion Weekend and King Gurvey

For those whose tastes in fantastic, boundary pushing, apparel run towards the daring and experimental, there is no better glimpse at the true face (-and gorgeous bodies!) of the Brooklyn underground than Willaimsburg Fashion Weekend. And it has been our good fortune to be among the many active facets of this rarified gem of indie fashion design for two consecutive seasons now. Once again we were approached by the event’s founder and co-ordinator, Arthur Arbit, himself a risky (risque’?) designer and fine tailor of no mean ability, to provide the make-up for an attractive grouping of models. And, this time, we were asked to add complement to his own, King Gurvey, line of pret-a-porter.

Shall, we share with you some of our results? Why, of course, we most certainly shall!

To view our visual documentation from this glamorous gathering in further depth, please visit our photo-gallery. Additionally, you may also find pictures of our painted models scattered amidst those from many of the other lines featured at the event in fine press articles hosted by, The Awl, Time Out NY, and The Huffington Post. We certainly hope you enjoy them.

So, until you hear from us again, we most humbly ask that do keep us in mind should you or any of yours wish to require or represent our unique and talented wares. Our contact information is made quite readily available to you.


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