Our Valentine’s Day Affair…

We do beg your good trust that it is not our intent to inspire jealousy by telling you of what you may have missed were you not among the fortunate guests to be in attendance at The Brooklyn Sanctuary this past Sunday.  As previously mentioned, we were among the many talents upon display by virtue of the dedicated event planning of Gemini and Scorpio. A Valentine’s Day celebrated in the thematic of an oriental opium den was the setting, and we your good and simple painters helped the many revelers to both conceal and reveal themselves in accordance to their environment.

And so, from the humble settings of a wayside laundry room, we established our trappings in the mode of a sideshow tent as revealed in a closet. And soon upon thereafter the curious came seeking adornment for the evening.

A devilish transformation
First there was a devilish transformation to begin the evening.

And then all manner of wonderments began to occur:

Couples became as bandits.

Dragons were worn as gloves upon the arm.

Faces changed to compliment the colorings of cheongsams.

While Tigresses painted stripes upon Tigers.

And Golden Arms bore forth the stems of Black Cherry Blossoms.

Should you wonder what else transpired we would ask that you look no further than our own gallery as well as that of “Arsenic and Old Lace”. There you may find what little remains of this past weekend’s grand event. It was all we could capture and then more, until sadly all magic had to take leave for the evening, as if a fantastic dream had been imagined by a lonely closet.

It is our hope that next time you too, dear reader, may dream such things along with us as well.


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