Past & Upcoming events… Plus our new Flickr gallery

Greetings Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the 2nd Skin world-wide, weblogue, where your good hosts, Laura Lee and Matthew, will be sharing the exciting news and enticing photos of our escapades in the piquant realm of artisan body painting as it is practiced in the refined and decadent metropolis of New York City.

We are in the process of setting up our new website which we promise will both surprise and amaze even the most jaded of patrons among you, but in the meantime we cordially invite you to peruse though our gallery of photographs. And, as you do, we will cordially ask that you join us in a collective tipping of hats toward our fine and seasoned photographic documentarians, A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, Marie Havens, and Jonathan Grassi, who have most graciously contributed their talents in the capture of our transitive imagery.


2nd Skin is pleased to announce that we will be part and parcel to an upcoming illustrious affair entitled, “The Vault of Golden Vapors”, to be hosted by the esteemed purveyors of merry and salacious events, Gemini & Scorpio, taking place upon the conjoined event of Saint Valentine’s Day and the Chinese Moon Year’s Eve. It has been described to us as thus:

“Upon this Romantic Asian Lunar Year’s Eve, spend a dreamful night in an opium den of our making. Recline in languid repose and drift in the pleasures of intimate performance, golden-throated singers, tales told in glistening flesh, exotic cocktails and delectable dim sum. Featuring live vintage Chinese jazz by Shien Lee of Shanghai Triad and Dances of Vice, Chinese ballads by talented young composer Natti Vogel, Asian-inspired burlesque by Dame Cuchifrita and Grandma Fun, and your opium den madam, The Flying Fox. Your late-night grooves delivered by DJ Nightshade, with his signature sexy ethno-lounge mix.”

This good gathering will be held on February 14th at Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary loft in Prospect Heights. 7pm admission with dim sum dinner: $40; 9pm: $20 adv/$25 door; 11pm: $15. Here is the event as it appears on Facebook. Must we add how greatly it would please us to have you in attendance?

And whilst your attention is still within our grasp, we simply cannot resist some bragging about our past liasons! Previous events that have indulged our painterly services have included….

Our many thanks for your interest in joining us as we begin our curious investigation of adventure in the practice of bodily adornment.


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